Enterprise Application Development Services

Genisys are pros at understanding your application requirements and delivering your customer experience on time and to budget

Our skilled custom software development team take every aspect of your business into consideration as to deliver a tailored solution.

Off the shelf software has limited room for growth and may not meet your business requirements, forcing you to work around the solution rather than building the solution around you.

App Development

Lower operating costs with bespoke software solutions and take advantage of cloud hosting while integrating with new and existing applications

Our custom software & application development solutions are built to scale and can be modified as your business grows. You will be able to retire your legacy systems and have a competitive advantage.

Project Types

You may be needlessly spending excessive amounts of money keeping older systems operational each month. Modern custom software is more secure, easier to use and allows business owners to provide more innovative solutions for their customers.

With the complexity and doubling handling involved overheads in their processes, a more optimised and automated approach was required in leveraging interoperability capabilities across the agency. Genisys was engaged and successfully delivered an integration flow that better utilised the technologies available within the agency to automate data and workflows.

The overheads of audit and compliance are a notable cost to the aviation industry. More elegant and cost-effective solutions are required to ensure that obligations and requirements are met to guarantee the health and safety of stakeholders in this space. Genisys was engaged to provide a digital platform that would manage the end to end incident and reporting process for carriers.

Providing an integrated and seamless customer experience is becoming more and more important to service providers. Having disparate systems across CRM, ERP and other business systems fragments the experience if they are not suitably integrated and brought together to display to the consumers their world through a single pane of glass. Genisys was engaged to deliver such customer portals that would bring together multiple system data streams and provide a singular aggregated user experience for the agency’s customers.

Our professionals have developed cutting-edge Data Warehouse solutions for large corporations and government enterprises leveraging Kimball and/or Data Vault 2.0. Some are many TB in size and all are highly performant and adaptable to model changes. We can also develop highly effective dashboards and other analytics using our custom Business Analysis techniques that quickly determine the most meaningful insights to present to each tier of management.

The wealth of application development, database administration and infrastructure provisioning experience our team possesses is often called upon by clients who need another set of eyes to look over baffling performance or availability problems they have with their own applications. We regularly help find the true cause of these issues and provide a roadmap to help solve them, or can roll up our sleeves and solve them for you on a consultancy basis.

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