Vulnerability management

Thorough vulnerability management solutions that help your organisation to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks by ensuring that vulnerabilities are discovered, evaluated, and addressed in a timely manner.

Empower your business with comprehensive vulnerability management services

Genisys helps to simplify the complexity of vulnerability management on your IT department, by providing ongoing and regular vulnerability management that identify, assess, report, manage and remediate cyber vulnerabilities across endpoints, workloads, and systems. Additionally, Genisys covers a wide range of technologies and systems, including networks, servers, desktops, mobile devices, and web applications.

Vulnerability management is a critical component of cybersecurity that helps protect your network from known exploitations and ensures it meets regulatory requirements. Genisys will conduct an analyse of your network for any incompatibilities, missed updates and common weaknesses within the software you use, then prioritise vulnerabilities for remediation, significantly reducing a cybersecurity risk occurring.

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Enhanced Security

Enhance security by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in systems and networks. This can help to prevent unauthorised access, data breaches, and other cyber-attacks.

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Many regulatory compliance standards require organizations to implement vulnerability management programs. As vulnerability management helps to improve visibility and reporting.

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Operational efficiencies

By identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in systems and networks this can help to prevent downtime and minimise the impact of cyber-attacks on operations.

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Better Risk Management

Better manage risks with immediate remediates to vulnerabilities in systems and networks. This can help to minimise the impact of cyber-attacks on the business, its customers and its reputation.

Choose Genisys for effective vulnerability management

Partner with Genisys for effective and efficient vulnerability management support. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by cyber-criminals. We can service at scale, ensuring that all systems and devices are scanned regularly, and vulnerabilities are identified and remediated in a timely manner. We provide cost-effective vulnerability management services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of an organization, reducing the risk of costly security incidents.

Genisys vulnerability management services

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Vulnerability scanning services

Vulnerability scanning services to identify and assess vulnerabilities in systems and networks. This can include regular scans to identify new vulnerabilities, as well as deep-dive assessments to identify critical vulnerabilities that require immediate attention.

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Patch management Services

Patch management services to help your organisation keep their systems and applications up-to-date and secure. This can include identifying and deploying patches and updates to address known vulnerabilities.

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Risk assessment Services

Risk assessment services to help understand the potential impact of vulnerabilities on their systems and networks. This can include identifying critical vulnerabilities and assessing the potential impact of a successful exploit.

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Remediation Services

Remediation services to help address vulnerabilities in their systems and networks. This can include providing guidance and support for deploying patches and updates, as well as implementing security controls to mitigate the risks associated with vulnerabilities.

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Compliance reporting

Compliance reporting services to aid your organisation meet regulatory requirements for vulnerability management. This can include providing regular reports on vulnerabilities and compliance status, as well as assistance with compliance audits.

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Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring services to help organisations detect and respond to new vulnerabilities in real-time. This can include monitoring for new vulnerabilities, as well as monitoring for signs of an active exploit.

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