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Tailored solutions from a trust MSP. Our solutions come with high levels of security, protection, and Australian based support.

For a complete Managed Service Solution

Your business can choose any combination of our managed services below or get in contact with Genisys to create a bespoke Managed Service Solution, we’re here to support you.

Desktop as a Service | DaaS | Managed Services

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Top-quality desktop management and fast responsive desktop support.

End-to-End Solutions | E2ES | Managed Services

End-to-End Solutions (E2ES)

Designed to reduce risk, improve cyber-security and minimise downtime.

Managed Infrastructure Services | Managed Services

Managed Infrastructure Services

Full implementation and on-going operational support of your IT infrastructure located on or off-premise.

Managed Microsoft 365 | M365 | Office365 | Managed Services

Managed Microsoft 365

Solutions for a seamless secure working environment. Our team will manage and support your day-to-day M365 requirements.

Managed Network Services | MSP | Managed Services | Network services | Network solutions

Managed Network Services

A high-performance network that provides secure and reliable access while still being protected against intrusions and threats.

Managed Virtual Desktop | VDI | Managed services

Managed Virtual Desktop (VDI)

Genisys’ Cloud Platform provides a greater user experience with high performance & secure computing.

Managed Voice over IP | VoIP | Unified Communication (UC) Services

Managed Voice over IP (VoIP)

Cloud phone systems for consulting and network design, deployment and support, complex or unique configurations.

We offer a wide range of Managed Services that can be tailored to meet specific businesses and their system needs

All our Managed Services come with high levels of security and protection, Australian based support and comprehensive monitoring and management.

Additionally, our Managed Services are supported by our Account Governance Structure. This means we employ the best practices and operating mechanisms to establish an account team, with an account management and service-delivery structure. Our Account Management structure provides customers with a single point of accountability, clearly defined roles, and the ability to rapidly apply change and act.

Network Services | Comprehensive Management | Managed Services | MSP


Our service management platform allows for easy deployment, recording and reporting of managed cloud assets.

Multi-disciplinary Team | High Level Support | Australian Support | Managed services | MSP

High Level

Genisys has an Australian Based Support team that can augment your business and IT Team. Our team can provide 24/7 IT support.  

Provisioning Times | firewall | encryption | antivirus | security | time saving | minimise downtime


Straightforward monitoring of your cloud managed services, including all your assets from the Genisys service management platform. 

Service Excellence | Desktop as a Service | improved BI | data services | cyber security | Migrate risk


You can add back up and disaster recovery services to your plan. And have added security with multiple locations and protected private clouds. 

Cyber Security Services | Desktop as a Service | Greater flexibility and agility

Top Tier

Genisys takes security seriously, from network perimeter, End Point operations, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, and remediation. 

Why Choose Genisys as your Managed Service Provider

Genisys is an Australian Managed service provider (MSP) with over 20 years’ experience. We understand the importance of business growth and operational efficiencies and that’s why we specialise in providing reliable, scalable, and secure Information and Communication Technology (ICT) environments. This includes proactive monitoring, accurate diagnostic and 24/7 IT support services that cover every aspect of our customer’s physical, virtual and network infrastructure. 

Furthermore, Genisys has a strong partnership with Equinix as this ensures our Cloud Platform is securely hosted in top tier Data Centres. These Data Centres maintain compliance with international and regional standards including ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SOC1-Type II and have an industry-leading track record of uptime greater than 99.99999%. And finally, Genisys ITIL aligned processes are certified to ISO9001 Quality Assurance which means the processes are regularly audited and updated to provide compliance to standards.

Genisys Managed Services Framework

Unlike other Manage Service providers, we get you complete transparency with our Managed Services Approach –

The Managed service: Provide a formal support capability to our customer base for their infrastructure and application environments.

SLA Management: Work to deliver support within SLA targets. Suitable transparency and communication across the process is mandated.

Periodic Reporting: To ensure that our customer’s get visibility of open/closed tickets as well as quantitative evidence to resolving issues.

Improvement: We continually strive to improve the outcome for our clients. We will also raise opportunities for improvement as we assess the landscape. 

Innovation Pathways: We work with our customer’s teams to ensure that options are always available for consideration and act as inputs into future planning. 

Our Vendors

Managed Services FAQs

Managed IT Services means Services whereby the Managed Service Providers, such as Genisys, agrees to either manage the Information technology in the customer’s IT environment or otherwise to manage the external delivery of services to a customer. 

The term Managed Services may include the support of the following IT services:

Management of IT hardware, desktop environments, server environments, network environments, telephony, service desk, printers, project services or any combination of any of these; or any other technology or environment that is agreed to by the customer and Genisys.

Genisys Managed Services are tiered and tailored to meet business and system specific needs offering you the flexibility to choose services optimised for a successful outcome. You can choose to augment your IT team or opt for the complete remote management of your infrastructure. Additionally, by using managed IT services from Genisys your business can reduce IT costs and improve operational efficiencies, freeing business resources to focus on business outcomes.

We provide high level support to small and medium size business across several industries, including Federal and State Governments, Financial Services, Health, Agriculture, Real Estate, Not for Profit, Transport.

The Service Management Foundation

Comprises the ITIL Functions and Processes to deliver accountable, sustainable, predictable, and transparent operational support of a customer’s infrastructure, delivered by comprehensive and targeted reporting available to authorised customer representatives via an interactive Portal as well as a Service Delivery Manager where appropriate.

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