Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Azure Active Directory Domain Services provide centralised identity and access management services, allowing businesses to manage their user identities and permissions in a scalable and secure manner.

Streamline your identity management with Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AADDS) is a cloud-based service provided by Microsoft Azure that allows businesses to use traditional domain-joined devices and services, such as Group Policy, without the need to deploy domain controllers on-premises.

Azure scalability benefit

Cost-effective and Scalability

With AADDS, there is no need to maintain and manage on-premises domain controllers, which results in reduced hardware and maintenance costs. AADDS can easily scale to meet the changing needs of your organisation, allowing you to add or remove domain services as needed.

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Use your corporate credentials/passwords

Passwords for users in Azure AD DS are the same as in your Azure AD tenant. Users can use their corporate credentials to domain-join machines, sign in interactively or over remote desktop, and authenticate against the managed domain.

Azure authentication benefit

NTLM and Kerberos authentication

With support for NTLM and Kerberos authentication, you can deploy applications that rely on Windows-integrated authentication.

Seamless integration with other Microsoft services | Exchange Online | Microsoft 365 | M365 | Managed Microsoft 365

Seamless integration with Azure AD

Designed to work seamlessly with Azure AD, providing a simple and integrated solution for managing user identities and access control. User accounts, group memberships, and credentials are automatically available from your Azure AD tenant. New users, groups, or changes to attributes from your Azure AD tenant or your on-premises AD DS environment are automatically synchronised to Azure AD DS.

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Enhanced Security and High availability

Azure AD DS include multiple domain controllers, which provide high availability for your managed domain. This high availability guarantees service uptime and resilience to failures. AADDS provides a highly secure domain service that is designed to protect your organisation’s sensitive data and resources.

How Azure Active Directory Domain Services works

Azure Active Directory Domain Services provides domain services in a managed Azure environment and integrates with existing Azure AD tenants. It supports user authentication and authorisation, as well as machine authentication and domain join. AADDS can also be used to manage virtual machines (VMs) that are not joined to a domain but need to access domain resources, enabling secure, efficient, and scalable access to on-premises resources from the cloud. It provides domain services, such as domain join, group policy, and domain name system (DNS), without the need for deploying domain controllers on-premises.

Azure AD DS integrates with your existing Azure AD tenant. This integration lets users sign into services and applications connected to the managed domain using their existing credentials. You can also use existing groups and user accounts to secure access to resources. These features provide a smoother lift-and-shift of on-premises resources to Azure.

Why choose Genisys for your Azure Active Directory Domain Services

Genisys have a deep understanding of the complexities of Azure Active Directory Domain Services and can ensure its seamless integration within the organisation’s IT infrastructure. With Genisys, your business can benefit from continuous monitoring, proactive management, and timely updates and patches, ensuring the security, reliability, and availability of their domain services. Additionally, we can provide round-the-clock support, helping resolve any issues or challenges that may arise, and freeing up internal IT resources to focus on core business activities.

Azure Active Directory Domain Services

AADDS provides domain join capabilities, allowing you to join Azure VMs to the managed domain service.

Domain Join service helps your organisation in managing their computers, users, and security policies centrally from a domain controller. By joining a computer to a domain, users can access network resources, and IT administrators can manage user accounts, network policies, and security settings from a centralised location. This simplifies the process of managing large numbers of computers and users in an organisation.

AADDS supports Group Policy, providing a centralised way to manage policies across your organisation.

Allows administrators to manage settings and configuration for users and computers in a network environment. It enables centralised management of settings and policies for multiple users and computers, reducing the time and effort required to configure and maintain them. Group Policy settings can be used to enforce security policies, customise user environments, control software installation and updates, and much more. It is a powerful tool for IT administrators to manage and maintain their network infrastructure efficiently.

Azure Active Directory Domain Services provides a fully managed DNS service, ensuring that your organisation’s DNS queries are resolved quickly and securely. DNS services are critical for the proper functioning of the internet as we know it today. Without DNS, we would have to remember the IP addresses of every website we want to visit, which would be nearly impossible.
AADDS supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), allowing you to use your existing LDAP-enabled applications with the managed domain service. LDAP servers allow you to store, retrieve, and manage information about users, computers, and other resources on a network. This allows for centralised management and authentication of network resources.


No. You can create a single managed domain serviced by Azure Active Directory Domain Services for a single Azure AD directory.

Yes. Each Azure AD Domain Service managed domain includes two domain controllers. You don’t manage or connect to these domain controllers—they’re part of the managed service. If you deploy Azure Active Directory Domain Services into a region that supports availability zones, the domain controllers are distributed across zones. In regions that don’t support availability zones, the domain controllers are distributed across availability sets.

Changes made in your Azure AD directory using either the Azure AD UI or PowerShell are automatically synchronised to your managed domain. This synchronisation process runs in the background. There’s no defined time period for this synchronisation to complete all the object changes.

No. Once you’ve enabled an Azure Active Directory Domain Service managed domain, the service is available within your selected virtual network until you delete the managed domain. There’s no way to pause the service. Billing continues on an hourly basis until you delete the managed domain.

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