Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services that provide secure and reliable access while still being protected against intrusions and threats.

Network Management Solutions that efficiently migrates businesses to a high-performance network environment

Genisys Managed Network services bring greater reliability and flexibility to your network infrastructure. Providing your business secure and reliable access to its corporate resources while still being protected against intrusions and threats.

Genisys Managed Network Services integrates the management of routers, WAN and LAN switches, SD-WAN and Wireless LAN technologies, application flows, and WAN accelerators. Our professional IT team will perform routine equipment, circuit and network monitoring using monitoring tools to perform regular health checks.

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Reduce Total

We maximise the performance of your existing devices while creating a highly optimised network environment. Reducing network operational costs while leveraging robust infrastructure that has the capacity and scalability to meet current and future demands.

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Genisys works with your business to establish a tailored network solution with defined service levels and consolidated device-level reporting. Empowering our clients with a better understanding of their network environment.

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With proactive network monitoring and extensive management processes and tools, we will resolve performance issues quickly and implement new methods to prevent future disruptions.

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Genisys improves the visibility and accountability of network performance. Our solutions enhance network responsiveness while ensuring our clients that their business needs are met and built upon.

Why choose Genisys as your Managed Network Service Provider

Genisys is a trusted Networking Service Provider with well-designed Network Managed Services that minimise downtime, increase application performance and meet current or new network requirements from our customers. Additionally, our Managed Internet Services are continuously monitored by the experienced Network Operations Centre (NOC) staff that proactively target potential problems.

Key Features of Genisys’ Network Manage Service

24/7 Performance Management | data security and privacy | data services | Continuous monitoring

24/7 Performance Management

Genisys’s experience NOC staff will manage and ensure your network runs seamlessly around the clock. With proactive network monitoring and real-time notification of managed devices.

Easy-to-use Online Portal | Data management and integration | data services

Easy-to-use Online Portal

Our online portal allows easy access to network performance statistics, alerts, and the option to create and manage service tickets. Plus, a full suite of online reporting capabilities and a pre-defined monitoring dashboard.

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Fault Management

We monitor and conduct thorough analysis reports of your network activities. We then use this information to isolate and correct unusual operational behaviours before they become an issue.

Comprehensive Device Management SLAs | Data analysis and visualisation | Data services

Comprehensive Device Management SLAs

That includes performance thresholds for incident identification and response, policy change request acknowledgement, policy change request implementation, and emergency change request implementation.

Network services that we provide

Our network service packages provide a convenient, single point of contact for end-to-end support of our customers network environment. Additionally, we have a wide range of managed network support options available –

Genisys provides a comprehensive Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) Management service, to maximise equipment uptime to make certain our customers network performs reliably.

Our comprehensive CPE management service looks after the supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and integration of network routers to support your business’s LAN/ WAN network requirements.

As part of our WAN Managed Services, Genisys implements a process that provisions appropriate systems to optimise the number and capacity of links that comprise our customers WAN. We provide a standard reporting mechanism to generate regularly scheduled reports of trend data and performance incidents, including:

  • A monthly exception report on those WAN links that have exceeded agreed maximum and minimum thresholds for the preceding period.
  • A quarterly usage trend analysis report on major WAN Links.
  • Routinely review the utilisation of all WAN Links and recommend capacity changes to any WAN Link where capacity may be an issue.
  • Meet with our customer/s monthly to review reports and provide capacity recommendations.
Genisys provide SD-WAN products and solutions across multiple leading SD-WAN technology platforms. The solutions we propose are extremely flexible and provide the ability for gradual migration from a WAN/MPLS service. As part of our SD-WAN proactive management approach, we assist our customers to continuously improve their security posture, help on-board new cloud applications in a safe manner, and expand the network when required.

At the same time, as our technology partners release new firmware updates and new features become available, we assist in identifying relevant leading-edge functionality that can provide substantial business benefits.

We specialise in Next-Gen Network Firewall Protection with Unified Threat Management. Providing a wide range of well-designed services to ensure the ultimate level of security.

Our Managed firewall services include:

  • Translating your business and security requirements into specific designed firewall rules.
  • Perform a Firewall rule review annually consisting of extraction of existing firewall rules, clarification, and tabulation.
  • Provide a documented report at completion of each firewall highlighting redundant rules and those considered a security risk.
  • Cross referencing against a change record system and providing management of security and system logs
  • System management: endpoint protection, remote User Access, Firewall policies and configurations
  • 24/7/365 System monitoring coverage and system maintenance coverage 24×5

We provide a managed internet service with or without edge-based Firewall protection and management. This managed internet service offers top-tier internet connectivity and security that allows businesses to consume Internet services at either a single site or Multiple sites using transport technologies; 3/4/5G, NBN Broadband, Fibre Ethernet, Dark Fibre, etc.

Benefits of using Genisys Internet services include:

  • Reliable Internet connectivity across Australia and New Zealand
  • Removes client management for internet services and security
  • Scalable with various Management options

Features of this managed service include:

  • Connectivity to the Internet up to 100Gbps
  • BGP routing with included DDoS protection and DNS management
  • CSOC options for enhanced security and monitoring
  • Integration options to Cloud Connectivity to Amazon, Azure, IBM, Oracle, etc
  • Single AS Level Connectivity across our entire network
  • Remote Access Migration and Consolidation

In addition to our Network Managed Services, we provide Network Transformation Services. Giving our clients more options to keep up with this ever changing working environment.

These services include:

  • Data Centre Network Transformation
  • WAN Refresh and Transformation
  • Internet Infrastructure and Network Security

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