Managed Voice over IP (VOIP)

Whether it’s consulting and network design, deployment and support, complex or unique configurations, we’ll create the perfect cloud phone system for your business. Choose our managed Voice over IP solutions for seamless communications between your team and clients.

Genisys Cloud Phone Systems

The Genisys PBX IP platform comes with a wide range of services, making it one of the best PBX’s around. Our managed Voice over IP services include voicemail, support for soft-phones, virtual conference rooms, call recordings, extension roaming, PBX interconnection, Caller ID, Advance reports, call queues and IVR system. Additionally, our phone service comes with online account management from administrative to user levels.

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Accessible From

Get the flexibility your business needs in our current climate. Genisys Cloud phone system keeps your employees connected from anywhere.

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Phone Number

You can integrate multiple offices under one central phone number. With Each employee getting assigned an extension number in the system.

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Feature Rich

Our platform offers advanced rich features so you can have enterprise level functionality. Includes Follow me, Smart call queues, Auto Attendant, IVR.

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There is no PBX hardware or software to install, maintain, or upgrade. Additionally, there’s self-healing with firmware updates through the internet.

Why Choose Genisys Cloud phone systems

Genisys owns and manages a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network. Our Hosted phone system solution utilises the latest technology in IP communication and can be developed to fit your communication needs. With services ranging from consulting and network design to actual deployment, from basis designs to complex and unique configurations.

Solutions and Services that we provide

The Genisys PBX IP platform comes with a wide range of services, making it one of the best PBX’s around.

  • System Monitoring: Up / Down Status
  • System Management: Handset Setup
  • System Support: Via escalation to third-party
  • Install, Move, Add and Change (IMAC) – User Extension
Extension dialling, call transfers and speed dial

Each user has an allocated extension on the system which can be implemented in different geographic locations. Additionally, each user can transfer calls via extensions and there is the option to have users on speed dial.

Call Park and queues

Users can transfer a caller to another extension and place them in a call park. The person who is receiving the call can pick a certain number to answer. Furthermore, callers can be placed in a queue and different configurations can be created for each queue.

Day/night mode

This is a handy feature for any business. The Day and night function allows for a user to push calls to a certain event during different times. This includes the option to switch between a desktop phone and a work mobile or push to another user if the individual is away from desk.

Paging and intercom

Paging and intercom features can be a very useful tool for teams within a business. As it allows a user to contact everyone on a paging group rather than manually calling each user within a team, saving time and energy.

Ring groups

This is a great option for businesses that need to respond quickly to customers. Set up a phone number as a ring group and all nominated phones within that group will be notified until answered.

Group pickup

This feature allows users in the same office or department to pick up another user’s call by dialling a set code. This can be programmed as a set button or a 3-dial code on any soft-key phone.

IVR (Menu Options)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu options can be set up, creating easy to follow paths for customers calling up. Clients must provide Genisys with recordings on IVRs and we’ll build the menu.

Time conditions and miscellaneous destinations

Time conditions allows businesses to have certain IVRs or call flow to take place during configured times. While the miscellaneous destinations feature allows you to setup a number to dial outbound in the cloud PBX or as a IVR option.

Call forward or follow me options

Call forward allows a user to forward all calls from their extension to another number. While follow me allows a user to be more flexible and create additional call response options. Such as ring two extensions if the first doesn’t pick up or call being sent to a mobile if their no answer.

Announcements and music on hold options

Announcements are extremely useful and can be easily set up to be played before an action is performed. Furthermore, business have the option to play custom music for customers in queues. We offer a default ‘free’ music file, but request you supply APRA and PPCA license music.

Voicemail and voicemail to email

Users have the option to create a voicemail on the cloud PBX which passcode access. Additionally, users have the option to simply attach any voicemail into an email in which they can play in their outlook.

Microsoft Teams Calling

This solution is designed with an Microsoft Office 365 licensing set up, as well as the Genisys session boarder controller (SBC) established. As part of this solution we implement, manage, and maintain your Microsoft team calling, to deliver a stable and user-friendly experience.


Genisys helps implement, manage and maintain a more traditional VoIP system built on Asterisk.

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