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Access the right IT expertise with Genisys IT Contractors, providing skilled professionals for your specific project needs

Reliable IT Contractors

Genisys IT Contractors service offers a reliable solution for businesses needing specialised IT skills for defined projects. Whether you are rolling out a new technology, upgrading systems, or managing IT projects, our contract model ensures you have the right talent for the job. Our contractors are vetted and experienced, ready to contribute to your success.

Key Features

We place a variety of IT contractors, including Business Analysts, Network Engineers, Software Developers, and more.
Incident and response services | Expert cyber security services | managed service | MSSP

Our staff can assist with technology deployments, upgrades, network assessments, and more.

Managed Services | Security awareness training | Expert cyber security services | MSSP | MSP
Ensure your applications are up-to-date and optimised for your business needs.
Management Systems | IT security services | Architectural design and review | expert cyber security services

Stay informed on IT issues and measure user experience with in-depth reports.

Why Choose Genisys Managed IT Help Desk Services

Key Benefits

Azure credentials benefit | Archiving and compliance | Exchange Online | Microsoft 365 | M365 | Managed Microsoft 365

Specialised Skills

Gain access to niche expertise and specialised technical roles.

regulatory compliance

Flexible Contracts

Engage contractors for the duration of your project, with the option for contract-to-hire.

improved incident response

Efficient Resourcing

Fill critical roles quickly with pre-screened and vetted professionals.

Provisioning Times | firewall | encryption | antivirus | security | time saving | minimise downtime

Project Success

Ensure your IT projects are completed on time and on budget with expert support.

Our Services

Our contract model is aimed at helping you with specific jobs for a pre-determined length of time, dictated by you.

Satisfy IT staffing demands and bring value to your organisation with our contract-to-hire model.
Our team has experience placing full-time IT professionals and subject matter experts across a variety of industries.

Leverage our team for specific projects, deployments, or technology roll-outs, ensuring they are completed on time and on budget.

Get the IT support you need, when you need it, through our in-person or remote support.
Fill niche roles in your IT department with the help of our specialised recruiting services.

Our IT contractors have the knowledge and expertise to assist your organisation with a wide range of IT projects, including:

  • New technology deployments
  • System/device upgrades
  • Cabling and wireless projects
  • Site surveys
  • Network assessments
  • PC refreshes

Our team ensures your Microsoft applications stay current with your business’s specific needs and goals. We provide support and recommend changes to improve processes. Some of the Microsoft applications we support include:

  • Exchange and Exchange Online
  • Azure AD Connect directory configuration
  • SharePoint design, consulting, implementation, and support
  • Teams consulting, migration, and support
  • Windows 10 deployment, upgrade, and support
  • Microsoft 365 workshops and training

Our team ensures your applications remain up-to-date and optimised for your business needs. We help with:

  • Platform and management applications
  • Educational applications
  • Content and communications applications
  • Operational applications
  • Product manufacturing and service delivery applications

Need IT Expertise?

Hire top-notch IT contractors from Genisys to tackle your toughest tech challenges. Get the right talent, right when you need it. Contact us today to find your perfect IT match!

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