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Our Network Services are an essential key in ensuring high performance and ongoing maintenance of connections

The network is a vital service that enables organisations to connect their people to applications, information, and services so they can make informed decisions about accelerating your innovation and growth.

Networks to suit your requirements

From fully managed MPLS networks to IPSEC-VPN, SDWAN and dedicated internet access connections using a vast array of technologies, our network services will ensure that you have the technology to complete and the agility to quickly implement the solutions that address your most important needs.


Our full-stack support team are readily available 24/7 to manage all your Network Services needs

Genisys has extensive experience providing fully managed wired, wireless, and WAN networks. We understand the challenges but also the efficiencies resulting from streamlining network deployment and continuous maintenance.

Often the solutions we deliver require private Wide Area Networks over a variety of regions for security and reliability. As an example, one of our clients in the manufacturing industry had sites all over Australia, both regional and metropolitan. Their issue was their existing solution did not have guaranteed uncontested bandwidth between all their sites, additionally network management was unnecessarily difficult as they required complicated firewall setups at all premises.


Our solution involved partnering with Telstra and delivering high bandwidth dedicated MPLS fibre at all their premises with a single internet breakout point at their head office. Additionally, we supported these links with our own managed routers, switches, and a dedicated firewall at the internet breakout. All of which we managed with a single point of contact and accountability for both the links and the network infrastructure. The result of this is a client had no further bandwidth issues and a dedicated, centralised point to manage all their link and connectivity needs.
When our clients have need for a more agile solution then we often look towards SDWAN which we are well placed to provide due to our extensive hybrid cloud hosting capabilities. One such client was in the marketing industry. They required a solution that focused on reliability and due to the remote nature of many of the sites, a traditional MPLS network was cost prohibitive.

The business-driven SDWAN solution we proposed involved a three-pronged approach of Telstra fibre, NBN FTTN and 4g SIMs for the Meraki routers. We integrated the solution with their third-party infrastructure as well as ensured QoS rules were implemented to ensure their important applications were prioritised accordingly. The primary benefits the client saw were cost related however they did see a noticeable increase in reliability as well.

Many of our clients require Wi-Fi coverage at their sites. We were approached by a company in the demolitions industry with a large temporary workspace that was rural and inaccessible by land.

The solution we proposed used a satellite internet technology with a solution bundle shipped by airfreight. This included exposure shielded Cat6 cabling that was cut to measure as well as staged MikroTik routers and wireless access points. We walked the site contacts through installation and testing remotely. Effectively this client was provided stable internet access with wide coverage at an address that multiple IT companies deemed unserviceable.

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