Cyber Assessments

We specialise in assessing your business’ infrastructure, policies, and information. Cyber assessments that help your business to effectively identify risks, reduce costs, and improve governance and ensure compliance.

Why you should conduct a Cyber Assessment


Cyber security weaknesses


Your cyber security controls


Your business from cyber attacks

Our experienced consultants will assess your business’ infrastructure, policies and information

The Genisys’ team will audit your premises and complete a detailed data collection document, review of your infrastructure setup, and make recommendations to ensure you have a complete set of information to make informed decisions.

Mitigating IT Risks | Cyber assessments | cyber security

IT Risks

Our IT audits will help reduce the chances of risk occurring, by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your business’ IT system.

Data Security | cybersecurity | IoT | Compliance

Improves Data

IT audit control can be identified and assessed. Giving your business the opportunity to redesign and strengthen ineffective controls.

Enhances IT Governance | security | business continuity plan | Cyber assessments | Operational efficiencies

Enhances IT

The Genisys team will help to ensure all your business’ laws, regulations and compliances are met by all employees and your IT department.

cost savings | cybersecurity | lower IT costs | lower operation costs

Helps To Reduce
IT Costs

We’ll identify any outdated software or hardware that can be costing your business and remove it from further impacting business productivity.

Why choose Genisys to conduct your Cyber Assessments

Genisys will perform a thorough audit on the key service areas, utilising in-house resources who are experts in their respective disciplines, spanning across Data Centre, Infrastructure, Networking, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Security, Citrix and Microsoft SQL Server.

Genisys Cyber Assessment Services

Our IT Assessments can include key information systems, hardware, communication tools, management tools and other IT assets to support the delivery of the organisations programs and corporate services. These can be categorised into ten key service areas:

Compute Infrastructure | Cyber assessments | cyber security services


Storage Infrastructure | Cyber assessments | cybersecurity services


network infrastructure | cyber assessments | cybersecurity services


Operations and Management | cyber assessments | cybersecurity services

Operations and

Cyber assessments | ICT Security | cybersecurity services


Data Centre Facilities | Cyber assessments | cybersecurity services | data security

Data Centre

local area network | Cyber assessments | cybersecurity services | network security

Local Area

Backup and Disaster Recovery | Cyber assessments | cybersecurity services | DR | BaaS

Backup and
Disaster Recovery

Cyber assessments | Wide Area Network | cybersecurity services | network security

Wide Area

Platforms and Services | Cyber assessments | cybersecurity services

Platforms and

Genisys Cyber Assessment Services Objectives

We will review the Information Systems of your business with the following objectives –

Assess the overall health and performance of your core infrastructure and systems | cyber assessments | cybersecurity services

Assess the overall health and performance of your core infrastructure and systems

This includes assessing how ready your business is for new and upcoming technology – any threats/vulnerabilities and new opportunities to effectively maximise your IT infrastructure.

Reviewing management controls over infrastructure sustainability | cyber assessments | cybersecurity services

Reviewing management controls over infrastructure sustainability

To ensure that the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is managed and maintained to support efficient operations. This includes evaluating systems and applications to check their security, reliability, and effectiveness (by both users and the technology itself).

Determining any risks that are relevant to information assets | cyber assessments | cybersecurity services

Determining any risks that are relevant to information assets

Assess and evaluate controls to reduce or mitigate these risks as well as create specific and effective recommendations for your business.

Genisys Cyber Assessment Process

Our Assessment process consist of a combination of the following methods: inquiry, observation, inspection, and re-performance.

In the inquiry phase our IT specialist will collaborate directly with the individual(s) who are familiar with the subject matter or control being tested. This information is obtained in writing (email) and/or oral (interview) format.

The objective of this phase is to gain an understanding of processes, configuration, and management of the IT environment. This may include learning about the level of user training and other internal controls, vulnerabilities, and security strategies.

Within the observation phase our team will observe processes taking place and review the operations of hardware. The objective of this phase is to observe current processes, configuration, and management of the environment. This includes evaluating the use of current systems and applications.
In the inspection phase our IT Assessment team conduct an examination of documentation and system configuration that serves of evidence that a control is in place. The objective is to verify the processes, configuration, and management of the IT environment. This includes evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the technology and how it’s currently being used by employees.
Re-performance is the process of independently recreating a process to verify that it is operating effectively. Re-performance may also include recreating a process in tandem with an observation phase.

The objective is attaining the highest level of assurance that the appropriate processes, controls, and configuration are in place and operating effectively. This can involve identifying technology-related risks and creating specific business recommendations to mitigate these risks. Assessing business’s readiness to adapt to new technological changes in the market and highlight opportunities for innovation.

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