SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online provides a centralised platform for sharing and managing content, improving collaboration and productivity within teams.

Microsoft SharePoint versatile tool that enables teams to work together more effectively

SharePoint is designed to improve team productivity and provide a centralised location for storing and sharing information. It allows businesses to create and manage document libraries, track projects, and automate business processes, among other things. SharePoint can be accessed through a web browser, desktop applications, or mobile apps, making it a flexible tool for any organisation.

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SharePoint enables teams to work together on projects, share information, and communicate more effectively.

device management | Mobile device integration | Exchange Online | Microsoft 365 | M365 | Managed Microsoft 365


SharePoint provides a central repository for all documents, files, and other content, making it easier to manage and access information.

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SharePoint automates business processes and workflows, reducing the time and effort required for manual tasks.

Cyber Security Services | Desktop as a Service | Greater flexibility and agility


SharePoint includes built-in security features that help protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorised access

How SharePoint Online works

SharePoint is built on a web-based architecture and provides users with a range of tools to create and manage content. Users can upload, edit, and share documents and files with other team members. SharePoint also includes features such as calendars, task lists, and surveys to help teams stay organized and on track.

Sharepoint | M365

Key features of SharePoint Online

Unlock collaboration and productivity with SharePoint Online — empowering teams to store, share, and collaborate on documents seamlessly while streamlining workflows and enhancing information discovery.

Archiving and compliance | Exchange Online | Microsoft 365 | M365 | Managed Microsoft 365

Document Management

SharePoint allows businesses to create, manage, and store documents in a centralised location, enabling easy collaboration and version control.

Azure credentials benefit | Archiving and compliance | Exchange Online | Microsoft 365 | M365 | Managed Microsoft 365

Intranet and Content Management

SharePoint offers intranet capabilities, allowing businesses to create a central hub for internal communication, news, announcements, and company information. It also helps manage and publish content across the organisation.

Network Add or Move | Centralised phone number | Managed Virtual Desktop| VDI

Workflow Automation

SharePoint enables businesses to automate and streamline processes by creating custom workflows, improving efficiency and reducing manual tasks.

Enhances IT Governance | security | business continuity plan | Cyber assessments | Operational efficiencies

Business Intelligence

SharePoint integrates with Power BI, allowing businesses to create interactive dashboards and reports to analyse and visualise data, gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Seamless integration with other Microsoft services | Exchange Online | Microsoft 365 | M365 | Managed Microsoft 365

Integration with Office 365

SharePoint seamlessly integrates with other Office 365 services, such as Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive, enhancing productivity and collaboration across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Why Use Genisys to manage your SharePoint Online services

Genisys have the expertise and experience to properly configure, maintain, and secure SharePoint Online environments, allowing your business to focus on their core competencies and maximise productivity while minimising downtime and security risks.

Additionally, Genisys can provide ongoing support, troubleshooting, and customised solutions tailored to the unique needs of the business, ensuring optimal performance and scalability. Our team can also provide proactive monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery services to help prevent downtime and data loss.


SharePoint Online is a cloud-based version of SharePoint that is hosted by Microsoft. SharePoint Server is an on-premises version of SharePoint that is installed on a company’s own servers.
Yes, SharePoint can be customised to fit a business’s specific needs and requirements. This includes custom workflows, forms, and views.
Yes, SharePoint can integrate with a wide range of other applications, including Microsoft Office, Dynamics CRM, and Salesforce.
It can help your business reduce the time and effort required for manual tasks, automate workflows, and improve communication and collaboration across teams. SharePoint also includes built-in security features to help protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorised access. Overall, SharePoint can help businesses become more productive, efficient, and competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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