Managed Infrastructure Services – Support and IaaS

Managed Infrastructure Services offering full implementation and on-going operational support of your IT infrastructure located on or off-premise.


Purpose built Private Cloud using an IaaS Model

Where you can access virtualised computing and storage capacity over a remote network connection. This Terra platform is exclusively available to our customers over the Genisys Private IP Network. Your business can modernise their data centre architecture and integrate existing internal infrastructure / internal clouds with the Genisys Virtual Private Cloud. We have Managed Infrastructure Support solutions to suit any size business. Whether a small business looking to host a web site, or a large corporation with complex requirements, Genisys can help.

Genisys Private Cloud is built on enterprise technology to ensure guaranteed uptime and service delivery. Furthermore, we have strategically partnered with Cisco, Nimble Storage and Palo Alto to deliver a best of breed environment. Genisys Cloud platform is provided on our enterprise class SmartStack Cloud. An integrated infrastructure solution by Cisco and Nimble Storage, to deliver high performance, scale, and availability.

Upgrade Services

Improved IT Efficiency

Streamlining operations to reduce service management efforts, furthermore, identifying and eliminating cost duplications and overcapacity issues.

Contract Development

Service Agility and Flexibility

We provide more agile model of SLAs and on demand solutions with improve service provisioning speed through automation.

Service Management

Smooth Transition

From legacy IT to consolidated Converged Infrastructure. Incremental transformation process to avoid risk of disruption.

No Civil Works or On-Site work

Improved Operations

Through infrastructure modernisation and operational improvements. Paired with tightly match supply and demand elements.

Cloud Services

Minimise Downtime

Has a proactive approach to maintenance. Minimising downtime with higher levels of data security and availability.

Genisys Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform

Genisys Infrastructures Services offer a scalable range of consumption-based hosting solutions to suit your needs. Whether you’re a small business looking to host a website, or a large corporation with complex requirements, Genisys will deliver. 

We define Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as the means through which everything from computing power to computing infrastructure, applications, business workflow systems and personal collaboration, can be delivered to you over a network, wherever and whenever you need it.

We provide infrastructure services as a fully managed IT solution, providing full implementation and on-going operational support of your IT infrastructure located on or off-premise. Additionally, we give business’s more choice and can deliver specific infrastructure management and support services as part of specific project or augmentation services.


Genisys Infrastructure Services

Physical, Virtual or
On-premises Server

Operating System
Management (Microsoft
and Linux) Platforms

Secure Backups allowing
to Self-manage or allow
us to Manage

Secure Cloud Base Storage

Hardware Maintenance


Why choose Genisys as your MSP

Our experienced Infrastructure Managed Services team has an average tenure of 10+ years in the industry. They have time and time again delivered on IT Infrastructure and related technologies, this includes the design, Deployment, Migration and Support of infrastructure services.

Furthermore, Genisys Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform provides even greater contract flexibility with extremely low minimum volume and term commitments, and no termination expenses for reductions in capacity. Our operational agility allows for speedy delivery, with Virtual Machines being provisioned in hours and physical servers in days.


Managed Infrastructure Services FAQs

Infrastructure Management Services provides maintenance and support of the supported environments on behalf clients. Allowing clients to focus core business service and improve resource and financial efficiency.

Infrastructure Services includes key information systems, hardware, communication tools, management tools and other IT assets to support the delivery of the customers programs and corporate services.

These can be categorised into these key service areas:

  • Data Centre Facilities
  • Compute Infrastructure
  • Storage Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Local Area Network
  • Wide Area Network
  • Telephony Services
  • Platforms & Services
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • ICT Security
  • Operations and Management

Transition into a service can be broken down into two main stages – Assess and Transition.

In the Assess Stage we will determine the current support model and capturing all the key information to set a suitable baseline and benchmark for all parties to work from. This includes background review, performance assessment, documentation review, issue review, RACI overview and Managed Service Plan validation.

In the Transition Stage we will move the client to their new managed service support model, that has been agreed upon in stage 1. This includes knowledge handover execution, transfer application and infrastructure management responsibilities, work migration, organisation transformation and valid steady state.

Why you can trust Genisys’ transition approach

Genisys uses a low-rick transition approach, utilising proven transition methodologies with applied technology enablers to create flexible, transaction-based consumption models. While still standardising and automating processes to drive operational efficiencies increase productivity and ultimately deliver improved services.

Genisys provides a consumption-based service model for our portfolio of services, this allows our customers to shrink and grow as required to support the business. It provides your business the flexibility to grow IT resources as needed to meet growth cycles as well as higher business demand cycles as well as end user flexi requirements.

IT Service Desk Support

Through our Service Desk Support Solution, customers staff and Third-party service providers are able to count on Genisys as a seamless complete solution for all IT support issues. Users get assistance through a variety of options that fit the urgency and specific nature of the issue.

Our User Support Customer Service Portal (Dashboard) enables you to access network status and performance information, service management reports as well as providing the ability to submit new service requests to the Service Desk.

IT operational Support

Operational Support includes operating system monitoring and configuration support. This service includes scheduled image reboots to reset image and prevent image operating problems for customers Infrastructure.

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