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Remove the IT distractions from your day and leave the complex projects to us. See below for our Capabilities –

Managed Services | Reduce complexity | Managed Network Services


Expert IT management and support for seamless business operations.

Cloud Services | Minimise downtime | trusted MSP


Secure, reliable cloud infrastructure management and optimisation.

Network Services | Comprehensive Management | Managed Services | MSP


Design, implementation, and maintenance for robust connectivity.

Cyber Security Services | Desktop as a Service | Greater flexibility and agility

Cyber Security

Apply the right controls to protect your data and strengthen your organisation’s cyber security.

Managed Services and Support


IT help desk support that adapts to your business needs and keeps your technology running smoothly.

Multi-disciplinary Team | High Level Support | Australian Support | Managed services | MSP


Our staff services ensure you have the right people in place to achieve your business goals.

Azure authentication benefit

Field IT

On-site technical assistance to ensure your IT infrastructure remains operational and efficient.

IP Telephony

Managed Voice
over IP

Modernise your communications with a flexible, low-cost phone system that allows your team to work from anywhere.


Our services design to improve data governance and security to advanced analytics and visualisation.

Project Services | identify cyber risks | Effective risk mitigation


Assist your business to tackle their specific IT challenges with a dedicated team.

Managed Microsoft 365 homepage icon | M365


Our team will manage and support your day-to-day M365 requirements.

identify vulnerabilities

Audit & Consulting

Identify vulnerabilities, address risks, and enhance their overall cyber resilience.

Secure your business against cyber threats!

Assess your organisation’s security posture and identify areas for improvement.

Complete your Essential Eight Assessment with Genisys today for robust protection and peace of mind.

People do business. We make IT work.

There are many benefits to your business of using Genisys to manage your next IT project, first and foremost the level of expert knowledge that can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house. And of course, the quality approach in planning and implementation we will take to ensure you and your team are extremely happy with our service.

A trusted partner and certified MSP

We work closely with major suppliers to provide our clients with comprehensive product guidance and support, empowering them to proactively manage their IT infrastructure with confidence.

Telstra Enterprise Partner Awards 2021 Winner

Start Your Cyber Security Journey

Take the first step towards protecting your business with our comprehensive cyber security services. Our solutions are designed to safeguard your digital assets and mitigate cyber threats effectively.


Implement strict access controls and continuously verifying user identities.

Web and Email Protection

Safeguard against phishing attacks, malware infections, and other cyber threats.

Security awareness

Empower your team and fill the cybersecurity skills gaps within your organisation.

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