Desktop as a Service

A comprehensive outsourcing solution, providing top-quality desktop management to fast responsive desktop support.


Genisys’ Managed Desktop Service is a comprehensive outsourcing solution

We offer the whole package when it comes to desktop management and desktop support. Providing detailed hardware and software asset management, mature software deployment facilities, and leading-edge policy-based security detection and remediation.

Additionally, Genisys’ has a depth of experience in Desktop services, transition and transformation knowledge and the ability to supply both hardware and software. Allowing us to offer your business (whatever the size) a full range of services that are designed, implemented, and supports to suit your Desktop / Laptop End User Support requirements.

Service Excellence

Reduced Operational Costs

Ongoing technology and process improvement that result in your business effectively using your resources and technology.

Security Solutions

Proactive Approach to Security

Automated software upgrades and security patches, you get a timely deployment and will stay ahead of security issues and threats.

Service Arrangement

Standardised Workplace Environment

Genisys creates and integrates standard operating and support procedures. Establishing the framework for application packing, patch and software distribution, software license procurement, software license compliance management, and asset management.

Over 20+ Years Experience

Experience, knowledge, and tools that add value to the end user service experience.

Professional Services

Easy and Smooth Process

Smooth transfer of operational control on service commencement.

Our approach to Desktop Management

Our approach to Desktop Management provides an end-to-end support solutions for our clients. Designed as a complete lifecycle management package that delivers an innovative approach to the workplace environment.

Additionally, we use ITIL release management practices, providing a complete configuration management data product, as stated above (Asset tracking and lifecycle management, Real-time management reporting. Licence management and Inventory management).


Superior Desktop Management with a wide range of services

Implementing and supporting locked-down environments enables a balance that prevents too much customisation and rogue software installation by users, while still deploying features quickly required by the business.

Our team delivers integrated reliable messaging and collaboration options. Managing hardware warranty and service calls end-to-end across all suppliers through the Service Desk. Our Service Desk is backed by an experienced Australian based team, giving your business peace of mind with local IT support.

We maintain anti-malware protection across the desktop environment, with automated security patch and policy management.

Genisys manages anti-virus services for customers desktop and laptop fleet and distribute anti-virus signature files when made available from the vendor.

Actively maintain the standard desktop base image with a predictable release cycle.

Real-time analysis and reporting, as we actively maintain the desktop asset inventory (e.g. In-Tune, SCCM) to provide a reportable, known state of the desktop environment and hardware/spare. Furthermore, your business can rest easy with automated software deployment, updates, and repairs.

Our expert team monitor desktop application licenses and usage to optimise purchased products. The team will predict future usage requirements and maintain license compliance. With this information we seamlessly integrate with existing software management systems to reduce business disruption.

We’ll maintain close relationships with vendors and manufacturers for ongoing support.

Proactively evaluate and update Operating System and desktop application patches in line with vendor release cycles.

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