Essential Eight Assessment

Developed as an evolution of the ASD’s Top Four recommendations, the Essential Eight serves as a baseline to strengthen your organisation’s cybersecurity defences.

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Essential Eight Assessment for Enhanced Cyber Security Protection

The Essential Eight is a framework developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) to help organisations mitigate common cyber threats. This assessment evaluates an organisation’s cybersecurity maturity levels based on the Essential Eight, enabling businesses to identify vulnerabilities, address risks, and enhance their overall cyber resilience. These strategies, based on the ACSC’s Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents, provide a prescribed list of technical measures designed to mitigate threats to your business.

Unlock these benefits conducting the Essential Eight Assessment

identify vulnerabilities

The assessment helps your business identify vulnerabilities and gaps in their cybersecurity measures. Gain insights into areas that require improvement, prioritise efforts and allocate resources effectively.

Genisys is also an ISO:27001 certified hosting provider that utilises security best practices, consistent security policy and controls, 100% local support, and data sovereignty to your private cloud environment.

mitigate cyber risks
The Essential 8 – Cyber Security Assessment addresses common cyber risks faced by organisations, such as malware infections, unauthorised access, data breaches, and system compromise.
enhance cyber resilience
By aligning with the Essential 8 framework, your business can establish a solid foundation for protecting their digital assets, maintaining operations during cyber incidents, and recovering swiftly.
regulatory compliance
Helps your business meet these compliance standards, demonstrating their commitment to safeguarding sensitive information and protecting customer data.
improved incident response
With a well-defined incident response plan, your organisation can respond swiftly to security incidents, minimising their impact and recovery time.
Increased security awareness
Through training and policy enhancements, your employees will become more aware of cybersecurity best practices, contributing to a security-first culture.

Understanding the Essential 8 Maturity Levels

The Essential 8 Maturity levels, as outlined by the ACSC, are designed to measure an organisation’s cybersecurity posture and capability to effectively implement the Essential 8 strategies. The levels include:

Essential 8 levels 0 3

Why Choose Genisys

Exploring the Essential Eight Strategies

By adopting these Essential Eight strategies, organisations can establish a robust foundation to protect against a wide range of cyber threats, including malware infections, unauthorised access attempts, and data breaches.

Essential Eight strategies

Our solutions

Our services start with a high-level assessment of your organisation’s existing cybersecurity maturity level. Our experts will conduct a rapid high-level review of your IT infrastructure, applications, policies, and procedures to identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential vulnerabilities and provide an executive summary of the cybersecurity posture and recommended remediation actions.
Based on the assessment, we will evaluate your organisation’s alignment with the ASD Essential Eight mitigation strategies. Our team will provide a clear picture of the gaps and areas that require improvement to achieve the desired security posture.
After identifying areas for improvement, we will develop a customised roadmap tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. The roadmap will outline step-by-step actions required to implement the Essential Eight strategies effectively.
We will assist your organisation in developing and enhancing security policies and procedures to align with the Essential Eight principles. This ensures that security practices are clear, consistent, and enforced across the organisation.
To foster a security-conscious culture within your organisation, we provide targeted security awareness training for employees. This empowers your workforce to recognise and respond to potential cyber threats effectively.
Our experts will guide the implementation of technical controls and solutions necessary to meet the Essential Eight requirements. This includes but is not limited to network segmentation, application whitelisting, and multi-factor authentication.
We will work with your organisation to develop an effective incident response plan to swiftly and effectively respond to potential cybersecurity incidents. This plan will mitigate damage, minimise downtime, and accelerate recovery efforts.
As cybersecurity threats evolve, we will continuously monitor your organisation’s security posture and conduct periodic reviews to ensure ongoing alignment with the Essential Eight principles.

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Try our Free Essential 8 Maturity Assessment Survey today and gain valuable insights into how your current security measures up. Get a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s security position and identify areas that might need attention.

Essential Eight Level 1 Basic Assessment

1) Application control

2) Patch applications

3) Configure Microsoft Office macro settings

4) User application hardening

5) Restrict administrative privileges

6) Patch operating systems

7) Multi-factor authentication

8) Regular backups

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