Professional IT Services

From Network design and security to Cloud migration. We will provide innovative and strategic Professional IT services.

For Innovative and Strategic Professional IT Solutions

Are you tired of the inflexibility and lack of responsiveness of the traditional large IT outsourcers?

Then it’s time to switch to Genisys, as we will put you first. Delivering your business, a huge increase in end user satisfaction, ensuring successful delivery of projects.

Cyber assessments | cybersecurity | Professional IT Services

Cyber Assessments

Effectively identify risks, reduce costs, and improve governance and ensure

Project management services | Professional IT Services

Project Management Services

Assist your business to tackle specific IT challenges with a dedicated and experienced project team.

Genisys Professional IT Services are designed to provide multiple paths in developing IT Strategies

Each of these paths are designed to answer critical business or technological questions. We can provide your business a comprehensive solution, from IT consulting and planning through to implementation and training. And will ensure your organisation achieves the best outcomes from your IT infrastructure.

Service Excellence | Desktop as a Service | improved BI | data services | cyber security | Migrate risk

Maximise your current environment

We build solutions to be modular, allowing you to start small and add to your solution over time. Working with your growing business and it’s evolving needs.

Provisioning Times | firewall | encryption | antivirus | security | time saving | minimise downtime

Efficient and fast deployment to market

We provide an efficient deployment of software and infrastructure, assisting our clients with quick and accurate deployment turn-around times.

Multi-disciplinary Team | High Level Support | Australian Support | Managed services | MSP

Access to experienced engineers

Genisys brings a depth of industry knowledge and experience with technology leadership to help you solve your toughest challenges.

Network Services | Comprehensive Management | Managed Services | MSP

Flexible and open solutions

Solutions built on open systems, not vendor lock-in. We design services with an agnostic viewpoint for diverse environments to ensure your goals are met.

Why choose Genisys as your Professional IT Services Provider

Our Professional IT Services provide holistic IT solutions to overcome your business specific challenges.

Our Approach | Professional IT Services | Genisys Managed services

Our Approach

Our approach is highly collaborative, and we are committed to developing strategies and solutions that fully meet your objectives. We support you in each phase of the project: Planning and strategy, design, implementation, adoption, training and if required, we provide ongoing Managed Services aged Services Support.

Our Resources | Professional IT Services | Genisys Managed services

Our Resources

By utilising our professional services your business will have access to specialist ICT resources to help accelerate your deployment of network, Microsoft 365 product suite, desktop, data centre and cloud solutions. Furthermore, our IT professionals can help with the difficulties of replacing legacy systems, virtualising servers, or migrating to the Cloud, saving your business time and money. Our team fully-understand the ins and outs of your IT environments and will work closely with your IT team to ensure that the systems are operating in an optimal manner.

Our Team | Professional IT Services | Genisys Managed services

Our Team

We understand that every business has different requirements and challenges. That’s why we have a team of dedicated engineers that focus on exceeding client expectations. Our Help Desk and Field Services Team deliver exceptional levels of service which are measured e.g., ticket response times, client satisfaction etc. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive range of support options to ensure your business systems run smoothly and help you cope with, reduce, and even eliminate those inevitable technology glitches.

Genisys’ areas of Service

We help clients align business and IT to develop an IT strategic plan that achieves critical business goals.
Genisys offers a comprehensive range of IT Service Management Services (ITSM) to help our clients get the most out of their investment in people, processes, and technology. Our services span the entire service management lifecycle to support our clients while clients develop their strategy, design, and transition processes, manage ongoing operation, and continually improve the IT services the client delivers to their business.

Genisys’ ITSM Services help tackle the common challenges faced by CIOs such as managing costs, increasing performance, and enabling business growth through technology. This is accomplished through an established set of industry best practices such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and industry standards such as ISO/9001 Quality Assurance and ISO/27001 Information Security.

We follow the ITIL and ITSM frameworks as part of our operations, the framework’s cover the complete lifecycle from developing a service strategy to service operation and continual service improvement. ITIL provides detailed guidance around people, process, and technology that can be tailored to your specific needs.

We help clients establish an enterprise architecture that delivers maximum information integrity by providing a reference architecture based on the latest technologies.
Our team assists clients establish the business value of technologies and IT processes by facilitating a better understanding of how IT empowers successful business outcomes.
Genisys help clients establish a compelling business case for delivering shared services over cloud infrastructure.
We help clients develop IT strategies to enable and optimise significant business and organisational change.
Genisys manages proactively, and continuously reviews, improves, and enhances processes and technologies used in providing services. We aim to continually align IT services to changing client business needs by identifying and implementing improvements. Through Continuous Service Improvement some of the values that Genisys bring to our clients are:

  • Improved service quality, service aggregation and higher availability
  • Gradual cost reductions and better cost-justification
  • Better information about existing services, service providers and areas for improvement
  • Better business/IT alignment
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability

Other Services you may be interested in

Genisys Cyber Security Services | Secure Cloud Services | cyber | msp

Cyber Security Services

Cyber security is always best left in the hands of the experts. The Genisys team deliver 24-hour monitoring of digital assets.

Managed VDI | Managed Network Services | virtual desktop

Managed Virtual Desktop

Delivers high performance, secure desktop computing and a greater user experience on any network via the Genisys Cloud Platform.

Managed VoIP | Unified communications | Managed Voice Over IP

Managed Voice over IP

Consulting and network design, deployment and support, complex configurations, we’ll create the perfect cloud phone system for you.

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