In 2006, Genisys started to see an increasing trend in the market where organisations were opting to extend hardware maintenance agreements for ICT infrastructure in favour of upgrading as part of their normal refresh cycles.

With our passion for innovation and commitment to deliver value to our customers, Genisys decided to find a way to address this growing trend. We embarked on an idea to build out a secure and scalable hosted infrastructure platform that was managed by experts, with the goal of providing customers the ability to consume resources and applications “as a Service” in the form of an operational expense. This ensured that our clients could still have access to the latest technologies without having to commit to expensive capital expenditures and human resources to manage them.

As it turns out, we were one of the first ICT companies to launch an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud computing product in Australia, branded “Terra”, which is a true testament to our vision of being innovators.

Genisys has partnered with Equinix to ensure the “Terra” platform is securely hosted in top tier data centres that maintain compliance with international and regional standards including ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SOC1-Type II and have an industry-leading track record of uptime greater than 99.99999%.