Genisys recognises that great companies are about great people and as part of our vision to become the number one Service Provider in Australia, we are committed to the development and retention of people. With the help of our passionate and experienced sales, technical and operational teams, service excellence is at the core of our business.

Culture is the heartbeat of our organisation and is the backbone of our success. Our culture is clear and built on loyalty, trust and the empowerment of self-directed teams and individuals. Genisys encourages this culture through its day to day activities and leadership styles and is underpinned by attracting and retaining quality people in the business.

The company currently employs over 50 full-time employees across Australia. Over 80% of our staff have provided more than 3 years of continued service to the company and we are proud of having a 90% staff retention rate since 2006.

Genisys retains quality employees by providing in-house and external training and development programs so that employees are continually up-skilled in their respective fields of expertise.

The development of employees has allowed the company to provide career planning, opportunities and promotion from within the organisation resulting in a skilled, high performing, cohesive and loyal team culture and stable workforce.